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Reasons why I created this personal website

March 11, 2020

Some years ago I started a similar project. Back then, I had my WordPress based personal Website that I hosted on hostgator. I was not so clear what kind of content I should post, but I noticed, that the process of setting up the website itself made a lot of fun. It was pretty simple, but as it was new to me, it was super fun. The setup setup process was pretty short and after the first small hurddles everything was set and ready to be filled.

I slowly started filling it with different kind of topics I was interested in. Some of it was about weightlifting, some about psychology and others more general about life. But as time went by I did not feel the urge to continue writing and lost the habit of checking my site even out. When after a while, my next bill for hosting and domain came in, I decided to cancel it.

My new setup is for free. So its meant for eternity.

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